среда, 7 сентября 2016 г.

how to make an aromatic diffuser with sticks
There are three ways to make a composition of an aromatic diffuser: on alcohol on base oil and DPG. I tried all three methods. Formulations for aromatic diffusers on alcohol I did not like, whereas compounds with DPG and base oil were equally successful. I took a few of these compounds for their homes, as well as for friends and relatives as a gift. Some even 'ordered' the basic notes for its aromatic diffusers. As a result, all the order and receive a gift spontaneous praise.

Aromatic mixture to the diffuser base oil or DPG: 70-30, where 70% - or a base oil and 30% DPG - essential oil or mixture of essential oils. If the flavor is not strong enough, increase the proportion of esters.

Please try the best blend of essential oils and aromatic (without base oil or DPG) in a small amount in aromalampe. If necessary, you can adjust the recipe. Then, keeping the proportions, you can repeat a favorite recipe in an aromatic diffuser, diluting the mixture of esters base oil or DPG. Gently mix composition for diffuser in the bottle. Insert the neck of the bottle sticks. A few hours later, turn the other party sticks. Sticks better to turn the different parties every couple of days.

After a while, the mixture in an aromatic diffuser over and sticks no longer be able to absorb and to hold oil. This means it is time to make a new aroma diffuser and perhaps try some other flavor. Used in a diffuser sticks can be thoroughly dried, decomposed into a cabinet or chest of drawers, where they still serve as a fragrance and air freshener.